Camcorder: Used to record the activities of each team. This device must have night vision or be night vision sensitive and have a Infrared light attacked to it.

Digital Camera: Used during the walk around of the site to attempt to capture spiritual manifestations.

EMF Detector: Measures Electro-Magnetic Fields. It is believed that Spirits can manipulate these fields and try to manifest using these fields.

Digital Voice Recorder: Used to try to catch EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). EVP is believed that the voices captured, after ruling out any of the team members, are the voices of the spirits in the area.

Infrared Cameras: It is believed that the Infrared Light Spectrum can capture Spirit Images. We also use these cameras to track the movements of our team members to debunk anything that may happen.

Full Spectrum Camera: Just as the Infrared cameras see the IR end of the visual spectrum, the Full Spectrum camera can pick up on the Ultraviolet Spectrum.

Infrared Thermometer: It is believed that Spirits can manipulate temperatures creating "Cold Spots". We use these thermometers to locate these spots.