What is a Ghost?

It is commonly believed that a ghost is the spirit of a person who has passed away. it is believed that there are two types of hauntings:

Intelligent Haunts

Intelligent Hauntings are where the Spirit can actively interact with the living.

It is believed that there are usually 3 possible reasons why the spirit haunting a person or location....

The first reason, and most common, is the spirit has unfinished business. They usually have something they need to say to the haunted or need something done to be able to "cross-over".

The second reason is they do not know they are dead due to a tragic death. These spirits need to be communicated with and helped to "cross-over".

The last reason is someone is holding the spirit here because they are unable to let go of the loved one they have lost. This, believe it or not, is a very common occurrence. In these cases, the living person needs to be counseled and work on being able to let go. The spirit will not be able to "cross-over" until this is done.

Residual Hauntings

It is believed that this type of haunting is not an actual spirit, but a psychic imprint of the tragedy that happened at the location. Examples of these hauntings are:

Spirits usual take three forms on Photography:

orb.jpg The Orb: (Controversal)

The orb is a ball of light which appears in a picture but is not seen by the human eye. It is controversal because a lot of these types of balls also show up in dusty areas. The rule of thumb is that it has to be completely solid and be a perfect circle.
mist.jpg The Primordial Mist:

A mist anaomoly which again appears in a picture and is not seen by the human eye. It is believed that in this stage, the spirit is trying to form into a full body apparition.
example_of_an_apparition.jpg The Apparition:

The spirit in humanoid form. These types of pictures are the rarest type of Spirit Photography. You can clearly make out the form of a body and/or other physical features in the picture.